assistive technology • The Lady Hacks hackathon 2016

Personal Voice Assistant - Medication Reminder, Hardware Project

Team Members: Samantha Tu, Abha Hameed, Maria Duong, Jennice Colaco, Shirin Mazan

Role: Product Designer - Design framework, User Experience Documentation, Pitch Presentation


Super Alexa aims to seamlessly integrate daily reminders into one's life. Super Alexa is a tool that comfortably reminds a user with the familiarization of one's own voice or a loved one of specified tasks throughout the day. 

The Super Alexa was collaborative project at The Lady Hacks 2016 Hackathon at The Lassonde School of Engineering organized by the WISE Association (Women In Science and Engineering). The Super Alexa was awarded the "Best Pitch" sponsor prize presented by Deloitte Digital and featured on the Sheridan College Community News - The Sheridan Insider.


Product Design Process



Super Alexa is inspired by one of our team member's personal experience. Her mother has to take medication daily for a chronic illness. Busy with at-home work, her mom often forgets daily tasks, like taking her medicine. Super Alexa helps her and other people in the same situation with their daily medicine routine. It provides a platform to help the elderly, the busy, and the visually-impaired function with efficiency in their daily lives.



Lillian Ventura is a stay-at-home, has her own catering business, "Supermom" 

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Journey Map 

Understanding a day in the life of a potential user and how might the product fit into one's lifestyle

Technical Design Process


How we built it

We linked Alexa to Google Calendar, and used an IFTTT recipe to automatically add the event spoken to Alexa to Google Calendar. Checker Plus for Gmail and Mixmax were add-ons that we used for the text to speech functionality and to automate email sending. Then we used Google Scripts for extracting the calendar event information and sending an email with just the text that was needed.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.46.38 PM.png

bom - Built With

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Google-Mail-Checker
  • Mixmax
  • Google-Script 

Challenges we ran into

  1. Calendar event emails stack on top of each other each time
  2. Setting up the time with the calendar event email
  3. Previous prototypes - we encountered problems with Raspberry Pi, Arduino 101, and Edison Intel


Accomplishments that we're proud of

A lot of pivoting was done throughout the whole process. We're pretty new to hackathons, so we're glad we persevered to the end. We did a lot (A LOT) of troubleshooting.


What we learned

We learned about Amazon Echo and Alexa, IFTTT, Google mail-checker-plus, Mixmax and Google Script. We also learned to work in a team of people who we met for the first time at The Lady Hacks hackathon.  


What's next for Super Alexa

Having Super Alexa work on different languages and record the user's own voice 


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