grit book mobile experience design

UX / UI Design + User Research, Shopify Life Log Application Design Exercise 

Time of completion: 2 Days 

March 2017


Shopify Challenge: Imagine launching a new app that helps someone understand how their daily choices help or hinder their goals every week. The app would make it easy for someone to log their information every day in order to get a weekly progress report that helps them do even better in the weeks to come. 



Life Logging Mobile Application: Grit Book 

The go-to application for the passionate, idea-filled entrepeneur minded user 

Home Page - Immediate button to lead user to adding content, overall count of posts contributed shown, direct links to inspiration links

Photos - Collection of photos contributed, user able to add note captions 

✨ - User able to write, record voice, take a photo or video thoughts and organize it through the application

Grit Book - Directory of users inspired thoughts organized by medium 

User walk through: Anna is a young, career focused, new graduate with an entrepreneur driven spirit. She uses Grit Book daily to record and organize any thoughts that come to mind, then reviews them at the end of her day.

Quite often, Anna finds inspiration while exploring the city, she takes photos of things that interest her to the Grit Book application. She also enjoys talking and loves taking voice note recordings when she's on the go.

The GB application has assisted Anna in storing her more meaningful daily captures in one place and acts as a reflection tool at the end of her day. 

- Working walkthrough of enabling photo capture -


Ui Design Process

 Branding exploration 

Branding exploration 

Web 1920 – 1@2x.png


UX Design Process 

Initial Thoughts — Ideation, Interest and Timeline Consideration


Relation to designing for real life situations

Conversation with C, an entrepreneur and neuroscience student I met off Tinder 

Casually turning a Tinder conversation into a user research exploration 

Understanding of every day app usage to gain insight of potential re-design areas 

Understanding personal routine and usability 

Key points

• Enjoys talking to himself  >  Voice notes  >  Potential area for voice technology exploration 

• Medium, Product Hunt, Quora  >  Areas of competitor analysis evaluation


hmw statement 

How might we create an experience for C that seamlessly keeps track of his ideas in one place and act as a motivational tool that encourages him to write his thoughts down consistently?  



An application to keep track and organize those million dollar thoughts throughout the day. Allowing users to write, snap a photo or record their voice on the application, keeping a log of all these thoughts and providing an opportunity to reflect on their recorded thoughts all in one place. 



Building the opportunity to encourage the user's entrepreneurship drive and the application to act as a reflection outlet when sudden thoughts arise. 



Providing a user with motivational quotes of encouragement, display feed of recent trending start up venture news that appear within the application as approved notifications might engage the user to come back to the application. 

• Motivational readings (ranging from quotes to biographies of successful entrepreneurs, etc.)  

• Providing recent trending start up news and dates to related events to attend 

• Data visualization of when thoughts are tracked throughout today to understand user's pattern of times of day most ideas are generated 

• Ideation frameworks within the app to evaluate the recorded thought / ideas



Overall, this design challenge allowed me to think freely of every day problem areas and focus on a topic that provided interesting research exploration. Deciding to focus on understanding start up culture, productivity space and passionate people — all piqued my genuine interest so working towards designing something for an area I enjoyed and often partake in was very enjoyable. 

I find I design best when I am truly in love with the problem. Having some sort of connection with the problem — whether it be a personal one or second hand hearing a story, really drives me to create something meaningful and has the potential to help others that may be going through the same thing.

In this particular case, I was inspired by C's grit and curious as to what his daily routine was that might influence his personality and shape his personality to what it is today. After he shared his experiences of using multiple platforms, mediums and methods, I sparked the idea of having an application that he could use that would allow him to organize all his continuous thoughts.

The relationship to the quantified self would be quite simple, where Grit Book can be considered a tool to log those million dollar idea thoughts on the go and centrally focus on the encouragement of idea generation day by day. In specific to self-tracking, GB could potentially work towards understanding the surroundings, environment type or time frame of day a user feels the most motivated or vice versa.