problem analysis of past design

  • Repetitive multiple click-throughs during registration flow process
  • Important information inefficiently communicated 
  • Sticky position bar was the only showcase for cities available
  • No photographs displayed  


main goalS

  • Increase the attendance rate with effective and persuasive communication design
  • Incorporate more compelling content such as photographs to humanize page experience and engage viewers
  • Allow for efficiency in registering, providing a strategic layout of information displayed and click throughs to register

Process Sketch Book + Testing

Past Website Design

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 1.40.53 PM.png

Website Re-Design


Working alongside my project manager, Michelle, it was great to get the opportunity to collaborate with the QuickBooks Accountant Education marketing team.

This last project allowed me to take full design ownership over the re-design of the training tour website while receiving guidance from the QuickBooks Online Accountant experience design team. 


tools utilized

Sketch, Zeplin 


QuickBooks Online Accountant Experience Design Team, Mentorship 

Michelle Berg, Marketing Manager

Derek Traver, Developer

Additional Projects
  Your Student Journey  / XD Design + Research 

Your Student Journey / XD Design + Research 

  Expedia Redesign  / UX/UI Design + Research

Expedia Redesign / UX/UI Design + Research

  Synapse  / Interaction + Service Design

Synapse / Interaction + Service Design