reflection of linda lee • WINTER 2016  

Double Exposure GIF Design, Design Exploration 

"He'd watched her personality fragment, calving like an iceberg, splinters drifting away, and finally he'd seen the raw need, the hungry armature of addiction." - Neuromancer, William Gibson

This project focuses on imagery that responds to connections between humans and technology within the Neuromancer novel. 

The simulacra concept I have chosen to do represents the binary of a character and technology. The gif is representational of Linda Lee, Case’s short-term girlfriend at the beginning of the Neuromancer novel. Linda’s character passes away in the second chapter of the novel, but Case’s guilt over her death serves as a type of motivation for him throughout the story. Linda’s personality reflects charm, innocence and naiveness at the beginning of the novel but that then leads her into trouble with drug addiction and maintaining her finances.

The concept for this piece is the transition of Linda’s existence from her sudden death to her immortality living as data within the matrix. Her emotional state is portrayed through the actress’ sincere emotional expression and the continuous fade movement representing her passing. The cityscape exposure is a portrayal of the dystopian underworld, Chiba City, Japan, where Linda is originally from. 

Though, the project doesn’t call for a musical requirement – I felt this song went well with the gif concept and relatable to Linda’s relationship with Case.

Previous Iterations

Rather than staying within the constraints of the piece being a double exposure, I explored further by integrating a glitch affect to represent the matrix transition and technological theme, making it a triple exposure. In the end, after great experimentation I gradually decided to cut back on the animation effects to not lose sight of the main character.