passionate about Product DESIGN experiences


I have a love for solving problems and value the importance of empathy; understanding human needs, wants, motivations and constraints of difficulties we might face every day. 

I believe that the experience of using a product is not just about eye candy but a product experience should be both friendly and functional. The daily interactions with the products and services that we use to solve our problems can be an enjoyable experience.

Product design challenges that allow me to explore beyond what already exists get me excited. I am an ambitious designer that enjoys untangling complicated problems. I’m interested in turning complex systems into simple, beautiful and functional end-to-end experiences.


I like thinking about different ways to improve the relationships between people, technology and business needs.

Moving to the Greater Toronto Area and having the opportunity to intern in the San Francisco Bay Area the past summer has opened up many learning opportunities among diverse communities.

I enjoy exploring new environments and have an unbridled enthusiasm for participating in collaborative challenges and events. Check out a bit of my journey below! 

design community

Sheridan IXDA 4th Annual Intern Night | Speaker 

SDN Canada Service Design Conference | Volunteer

Student Pathways Challenge | Top Ten Finalist 

University of Michigan: MHacks X Hackathon | Participant

Global Service Design Jam: Toronto Chapter | Participant 

University of Toronto Hackathon IV | Participant 

York University Lady Hacks Hackathon | Participant 

FITC Toronto | Sheridan IXDA Representative    

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on-going projects

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